by Drowning Swans

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released July 8, 2013


all rights reserved



Drowning Swans New Jersey

Four-piece progressive metalcore/post-hardcore from New Jersey. Choke Artist Records

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Track Name: Intro
(Instrumental Track)
Track Name: Stay Sweet, Ocean
All hands on deck,
we go down with this ship.
My arms are getting tired
we've treaded too long and theres nowhere for us to go
And I can see
the sun dip below with me..
Thankfully, im right where I want to be
my heart is drowning in this dream.
Sinking into our graves
Track Name: The Uncoiling
Where does the wind blow?
Where does the soil grow into my feet?
Where does the wind breathe?
Where do the birds build their home to sleep?
Look alive look alive!
Here comes our chance here comes our chance
Drink from the river that inspires
Eat the fruit from a well suffered tree
Be the leaves that come crashing
When the night falls for me
The bitter air sweetens my teeth
And I twist just enough
For you to get away from me
Lift your head from the ground
Take everything that you heard
And watch the earth birth its flames
Track Name: Passing the Seawall
(Watching) calm waves against the sand
The solitude and expanse
To the horizon, a jetty lends its hand
in search of something it can't find on this land
If it would leave, take to the sea
It would be swallowed, pulled underneath
The undertow. Violent waves.
Of a hurricane.
So it remains here by itself.
Not asking fro anyone's help
To heal it's wounds, open it shell
Get back to where it was before. (escape it's own personal hell)
The smoke is clear. Now I can see
the only thing holding me back is me.
Get back to start and set me free.
Make me who I used to be.
Track Name: My Intelligence is Three
Here I lay waiting...
crashing through charcoal clouds!
What am i supposed to say...
when these words have been written on a thousand tongues!
the shoreline preferred if i kept mine...
so my perspective stayed etched between the sand and the sea
Three lonely ghost to tell me im not alone
C'est la vie! C'est la vie!
they whisper to me
Three lonely ghost to guide me down a hole
C'est la vie! C'est la vie!
they lie to me
and I cant stand the quiet sometimes
And I cant sleep
And I cant dream
I only think of mauling sheeps
My trust is gone
My faiths been bled
And all my friends are fucking dead.

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